Luloo Boutique Homes

Re-imagine. Design. Transform.

About us

Luloo Boutique Homes is a real estate development firm, specializing in custom designed residences and homes.

Our experience and taste in design + an extensive understanding of Toronto's real estate market, our exceptional negotiating skills, and a modern view of marketing tools, allow us to fulfill the dream of building unique architecture & design residential properties in Toronto.

At Luloo Boutique Homes, we believe in transforming Toronto's housing into simple but elegant, trendy but chic homes, for a better and more beautiful Toronto, the city of growth and potentials.

Our Story

Branding for any business is about a marketing budget, great product or excellent customer service but for Luloo Boutique Homes it is also about its owners and their story. It’s about two Iranian-born sisters who moved to Canada in 2004, dreaming high to grow in the land of opportunities. Born into an entrepreneurial family, pursuing dreams was something Laleh and Pouneh were quite familiar with.

It was soon after they immigrated to Toronto that they realized they have tremendous passion and desire to not only build but also grow as their new hometown grows.

Laleh started her journey in the Real Estate market by obtaining her license and acting as an agent. A broker now, with an in depth understanding of the wants and needs of the market combined with her unique taste in design, Laleh brings a certain panache to her role at Luloo Boutique Homes.

As an expert and savvy businesswoman in the city of Toronto’s real estate industry for the past decade, Laleh has a critical eye for finding unique spaces that meets her high standards for design and beautiful architecture in Toronto. With an MBA degree from the Ted Rogers School of Management specializing in Real Estate at Ryerson University, she constantly delivers solid, focused research to Luloo Boutique Homes.

Pouneh, always vibrant and incessantly insightful, was first drawn to Hospitality industry and chose to continue her studies in Tourism Management at the University of Guelph and working in various hospitality and marketing roles. Leading to her MBA degree from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, Pouneh then immersed herself into the realm of Real Estate world where she is constantly looking for new ways to break into this growing market. Experienced working at a few entrepreneurial ventures including a Marketing & Advertising agency, she has a natural talent in finding new ways of operating the business. She’s a persuasive communicator and an idea generator eager to explore the magic of this industry.

Together at Luloo Boutique Homes, Laleh & Pouneh are constantly striving for uniqueness.