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transforming Toronto's housing into simple but elegant, trendy but chic homes


Specializing in Downtown Toronto we offer consulting services in 5 Major areas, from initial purchase, including the market research and feasibility studies on developing the best type of properties, through to construction and completion of a project, we deliver full development management services.  Our experience and relationships with leading planners, architects and contractors allow us to excel at each project consistent with industry trends while enhancing the project’s success. 

1)   Buying

a.     Location, 

b.     Contracts

2)   Research and Development

a.     Project Research and Forecast Report

b.     Construction Costs Estimate and Timeline

c.      Permit Report

3)   Plans & Permits

a.     Architecture Plans

b.     Obtaining Permits

4)   Construction

a.     Construction Plan and Timeline

b.     Contracts

c.     Inspections 

5)   Selling or Renting

a.     Tenant Approval

b.     Listing & Selling the Property


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