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2017 NACIA

Architectural Awards Program Highlights Top Copper Projects

Dovercourt House wins a North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Award for  excellence in the use of copper in building design projects

NEW YORK (April 28, 2017) – The 166 Dovercourt is one of 15 outstanding building projects receiving a North American Copper in Architecture Award (NACIA) this year for its innovative design and creative use of copper. 

The NACIA program organized by the Copper Development Association (CDA) and the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association (CCBDA) recognizes and promotes North American building projects for their outstanding use of architectural copper and copper alloys. Now in its 10th year, the annual awards program showcases a wide range of projects, all of which highlight craftsmanship, attention to detail and architectural vision.

"The outstanding quality and ingenuity of the copper projects submitted over the past ten years is truly inspiring," said Stephen Knapp, the Director of the Sheet, Strip, & Plate Council for the Copper Development Association (CDA).  "Not only is copper known for its sustainability and durability, its innate beauty continues to make it an appealing building material. Every year I am amazed by the innovative ways copper is being applied."

The 2017 NACIA award winners consisted of a mix of new and historic buildings using copper in creative and unconventional styles for restoration purposes. Among this year’s award-winning projects are three homes, two courthouses, a medical center building and a religious temple just to name a few.

Five Canadian building projects were 2017 NACIA award recipients. The house at 166 Dovercourt Road features darkly glowing, weathered copper that displays the buildings nuanced design, while tastefully allowing it to blend with the notable Toronto neighborhood comprised of old Victorian houses.